Friday, 29 August 2014

A passion for Pyrex......

Yes I have a passion for pyrex........can you tell?

Last weekend I spent a happy few hours rearranging my shelves. I like to call it 're-merchandising'

If anyone else out there loves Pyrex too then this is for you...

 a few gratuitous shots of my collection just because'...

These are older shots.....from instagram

and I use most of must all know that William Morris quote  about being 'beautiful and useful' 

well my pyrex is both!

Do you have a collection that you are passionate about? Do tell.....

Bestest, happy weekend wishes to you all....

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Daisy's does OWOP.

Have you heard of owop?

'One pattern one week'
It will be the first sewing challenge that I have taken part in. Exciting or what?

The idea is to choose one pattern and wear a variation of garments made with the pattern over one week. the dates are from Saturday September 6th until Friday September 12th.
The challenge is being hosted by the fab Handmade Jane so pop over and sign up if you fancy a sewing challenge!

My pattern choice:

A previously used and loved vintage Simplicity #6965 from 1967!

The reason I chose this pattern: 

The first dress I made from this pattern fitted me like a 'dream' and was very easy to sew. 
When I opened the pattern the presence of its previous owner/maker was very strong .....there was a packet of half used bias binding inside the envelope (the neck finish requires binding) also the instructions smelt faintly of cigarette smoke. I am a non smoker always have been, the odour was more evocative than unpleasant.  
I imagined her smoking as she sewed.... what fabric did she use? what version did she make and where did she wear it?  what was happening around her as she sewed? I love to find little treasures in vintage pattern envelopes, they tell stories..... 

Previous makes from this pattern: I have already made a dress as mentioned you can read about it here in this post and I made another version at the you like that 'birdy' fabric?

I like the little bow at the neckline.

Future plans for owop: I have purchased some new 'baby needlecord' fabric for my latest planned makes.....autumnal springs to mind!

I am off to sew now....oh how I love a challenge!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Not just for girls! Margot Pj's for men!

My 'talented other half'  likes to shop as much as I do.

However it still surprised me at how eager he was to accompany me to my local fabric shop recently ?

Now I know why

The fabric shop is very near to another of his favourite shops....

The deli at Olives et al 

I have to agree, they make the most scrumptious panini sandwiches and we always come away with a large pot of our fave 'basil and garlic' olives.

I digress

Whilst we were in the fabric shop, I told him I would make him some margot Pj's like mine, but he needed to choose some fabric.

He chose this...

A good choice....

The other evening I whipped up a pair in less than 30 mins!!

Really truly.... from start to finish...!

I have to admit I used the overlocker for everything except the hems and the waist and
I did not add a pocket! 

AND there was wine.....oh yes I love to sew with a glass of wine nearby, such a treat when sewing in the evening. 

There will be a man in the flesh (so to speak) and that is quite rare in this blogosphere!

You have been warned!

Of course these days if I sew Pj's it can only be the "margot Pj's" pattern by good old tilly and those buttons!

I know lots of you have made them for yourself....but have you made them for your men yet?

(I added a bit to the waist length and cut them longer in the leg)

So come on join in the fun, make some for your man and get those posts up and running.

Its only fair I've shown you mine so now lets see yours 



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