Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sew-along with Daisy part 3: the facing, the hem and the taa dah!

Hello sewers!

You can find part one here pattern layout, cutting and marking.
You can find part two here darts, seams and a zip insertion.

By now your skirt should be a perfect fit so we just need to finish the waist-facing and the hem....easy!

Lets get this party started...

Waist Facing 

These are the small pieces that are sewn together to fit inside the top of the skirt, they neaten the top of the skirt because it does not have a classic waist band.

Identify your pieces and remove the pattern paper open out and press..

This is what they look like..

To interface or not to interface?

I always use iron on interfacing, but I would say its optional if you have a nice crisp or heavy cotton?

However it does make for a more professional finish. I will leave that decision up to you!

If you do an use iron on interfacing.....

and simply iron them on...

Sew the pieces together at the side seams and...

Trimming your corner edges reduces bulk on the finish skirt, therefore no lumps!

Turn up the lower unnotched edge of facing...see above

sew all along the bottom edge...

Prepare to fix facing to so

carefully pinning in place...

Do remember if you have altered the skirt to fit, you may have to take in the side seams of the facing too!

You are here!

when all pinned, prepare to sew...

and press....

don't forget the ends!

Next up the stay stitching....don't be scared!

simply sew close to the seam edge all along to the end
 then press again....

finish the ends like this....


Hemming the Hem

Try on your skirt and pop one pin in to mark the length, just one!


after pressing...

after neatening, simple fix your hem in place, I do like a nice hand stitched hem normally....

But this time I...

a new experience for me but I like the results...

Press skirt all over once more to finish.

All done are you ready to see mine....?

Taa dah!

I will do more showing and telling next week!

For the final part of our sew-along,

Part four

We will have a 'linky party'

and I expect you all to show up wearing your finished skirts OK?

Until then happy sewing!
PS Any questions will be answered on this post, so ask away don't be shy

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Have you met Enid?

Here she is...

"hello Enid"

Enid is my latest finished crocheted project.

She is a very fine Flamingo indeed, her only fault is that she tends to be a little vain.

How Enid came to be: 

I started with her feet

added an ankle or two...

next came a knee and a thigh...

Gradually two very skinny legs emerged...

and a body with a head...isn't she pretty?

Put all those pieces together and you have a flamingo ... but hang on...something is missing!

Enid where are your feathers?

Oh poor Enid, I'll hook you up some asap...

Do you know she sat in the conservatory, in her little green chair and waited patiently for a day and a night.

Until one day...taaaaaaaaaaaa dah!!...(there is no other sound for it!)

She had her feathers at last!

Enid was last seen relaxing in the garden, preening her pretty pink feathers.

Do you like my newly hooked friendly flamingo...? 

If so, maybe you could give her a go too.

She came from this amazing book, 

Crochet wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie.

 The patterns are easy to follow and such fun to make
I recommend it for intermediate crocheters and all amigurumi fans