Monday, 28 July 2014

First the collar then the dress!

Do you ever do this?

I ordered some drops muscat cotton yarn in the wool warehouse sale

I had no plans or projects. Simply selecting any colour that took my fancy.

Later, reading through an old issue (8) of simply crochet mag, I spotted a collar I have made several times before.

I chose two of my new yarns and hooked it up.

I even found the perfect vintage button ....

Later, in the fabric shop, my eye alighted on some fabric that had the very same tones and it was on sale!

The collar matches the fabric to perfection.

Now I am making a dress to match the collar.....!

Promise to show you soon as I am busy sewing it today.


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Another Love Sewing Mag make: The Jackie O bag

You may have noticed how much I love Issue 3 of love sewing magazine?

Oh yes I really love it...

It not only came with a free pattern for a perfect summer tunic.
It also came with some free bag handles and inside the mag are instructions on how to use them three different ways.

I chose to make

The Jackie O bag

Last night it started like this....

You know how it goes...the boys are watching 'man programmes' on TV, its hot, the calm and the coolness of the sewing room beckons......

You pick up your new favourite magazine and bam! an idea takes shape

I will make that bag in ice cream fabric....and use those free handles...

The actual pattern was designed by Laura Strutt  she has a superb blog too find it here

Just the handles to add now.....

Oh and do that thing where you say...taaa daaaah!

I am loving sewing piping at the moment, but still learning....!

Have you got the mag yet?
If so give the bag a go it only takes a couple of hours...

bestest sunny  Sunday wishes to you today!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

I added an industrial chic style to my ikea drawers...

Ikea drawers.

Crafters and sewers alike.... we all seem to use them as storage.
Do you have some?

Mine came from a boot fair, a few years ago.
 They cost about a pound, they were untouched and looked 'as new'

They have evolved overtime, simply painted at first.

Later blackboard labels were added.

But I always knew, I could do better, if I tried.

Last week they went all 'Industrial chic, with a touch of vintage' 

I had the time and the energy to do something I had planned to do 'since forever'

I gathered my weapons.....

I sanded all the sharp edges, to soft rounded worn looking edges....

I rubbed in a slightly darker shade all around the edges  and sanded again....

I cut and glued some of my precious vintage wall paper, to the front of each drawer

I sanded again, and again, until the paper looked like it had been stuck there for years!

Now for the 'industrial chic' touch.....

I rang up the other half and described what I needed....


I filled my basket and took the drawers up to him to finish....there was drilling involved and measuring of diameters etc etc...

Industrial chic nuts and bolts handles.

Thanks to my talented other half!

I rushed home with my newly made-over treasure....

I found them a new home.....

Then I filled them up with essentials....washi tape and stickers!

Later I did exactly the same with the other set.

and stacked them this....

In my newly streamlined sewing room!

I'm happy with them now.


D x