Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Patchwork Quilt and other...


I had the luxury of charity shopping today. Our local shop has opened a 'vintage floor'
their prices are very reasonable compared to other similar vintage shops or fairs!

Today I found a bargain for 99p..
A lovely book this edition is from 1973.

It is by published by longman, we learnt french at school with longman's books.
Does anyone else remember learning "Longmans audio visual french" ?

We sat in booths with big headphones and repeated verbs and lines, and giggled.
 I used to doodle/ design patterns on my book.

It was considered so high tech! my 12 year old would think it was something out of a museum today.

I digress

I think it is a very simple and touching poem.

The illustrations are by William Stobbs. 
A prolific children's illustrator who died in 2000.

As a lover of the printed pattern I think they are stunning.

I also found two victory Jigsaws. I like them.

I think Heidi lived here? you read this I will be sitting outside trying to figure it out...its a big one 800 pieces.

Do you know this blog was 2 years old yesterday?
time flies when you are having fun.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Love Sewing magazine. I do! Do you?

A little while ago, on the 10th of June to be precise!

I posted all about my latest sewing make and my new fave magazine...nothing new then I hear you say....?

remember this....

Well.... yesterday morning being a Monday, after everyone had gone to work, I snuck back up to bed with a coffee and the latest edition of said fave mag that postie had just delivered.
It was my treat.

I sleepily sipped my coffee and slowly flicked through the mag savouring the moment ....

By jove!!

 I nearly fell out of bed, spilling coffee everywhere.....

My 'Lottie' blouse by Simple sew was in Love Sewing Magazine issue 3.

I had no idea....They had used a facebook pic and of course I don't mind at all.....

What a lovely surprise, I did not stop talking about it all day...

Big congrats to the other five readers too....

May I add it is a wonderful, no strike that its a brilliant issue.

Issue 3 is full of projects I actually want to make instead of laugh at!

Some lovely features too, I especially like the one on 'Merchant and Mills' as I am a fan. 

I recommend you take a look at it. 

In this same issue is another free pattern by SewGirl aka Fiona Wheatly

It is a lovely Summer tunic, loose fitting and simply perfect for these warm balmy days we are having here in Dorset.

Of course I have made it already!!!
.....well what is a sewing addict supposed do on her 2 month off summer break?

I like the pattern, it is simple but it has some structure in the form of a neck facing.

I also like that all the info and instructions are in the mag, in picture form...

I used my two new toys a rouleaux loop turner and my air erasable marker fun fun.

I also made a copycat vintage tea towel cushion from another article in this same issue...

Do you like?

Sew go get the magazine all you sewers.....

bestest sewing wishes to you today

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Framing favourite fabric ...Teamwork

This week I have been busy decluttering  and streamlining my sewing room.

So this weekend, with lots of help from the talented other half...(toh)

We  added some finishing touches...

Firstly I have been deciding on what colours to have my old frames sprayed.

Secondly I have been deciding on what fabrics to put in the frames that will be displayed on the walls of my freshly de-cluttered sewing room.

As you  can see, for my part of this project I contributed an awful lot of decisions

First, the colours: I wanted fresh, bright retro and nursery nostalgia! all together....

My toh came home with frames painted in exactly the right shades.

Next I chose the fabrics to contrast or match with the frames.

Finally I needed a framer...

Not because I can't do it oh no .... its because I am a 'slap dash, rush around chatterer' 

he on the other hand 

is a 'calm as a rock, perfectionist'

I pointed a lot then cut a few out, the toh did everything else...

Together we make a team


....and nursery nostalgia...

Lamb chop and Noddy...

Here is a very tiny peep at a group shot.

I think you get the idea?

It was sunshine sunshine the whole weekend....even the dog helped, 
he rounded up his toys and fell asleep under the table......

I will do a sewing room post very soon...promise!
...just a few more bits to do...

bestest wishes to you all from sunny Dorset!